Kinmemai White Rice 4.4lbs

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KINMEMAI PREMIUM RICE - Imported from Japan, KINMEMAI is the world’s first health-inspired Japanese-made, rinse-free gourmet rice. It has the appearance, digestibility and quick-cooking time of white rice, but the similarities end there. Expect a buttery, nutty taste and moist, creamy texture; with a nutritional profile superior to conventional white rice.

ENGINEERED FOR GOOD HEALTH - Manufactured through the patented KINMEMAI process, which enhances both the taste and nutrition of tender rice grains, only the brain and wax layers are removed: the nutrient-dense sub-aleurone layer and germ remain.

TASTE-TESTED BY THE MOST DEMANDING TASTE BUDS - KINMEMAI has a slightly buttery, mildly nutty taste and a moist, creamy texture that is superior to that of conventional white rice.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. NO RINSING REQUIRED - KINMEMAI is cleanly buffed, without a need for the time-consuming hassle of rinsing and dramatically reduces water wastage.

RICE TO ANY OCCASION - KINMEMAI makes nutritiously flavorful substitutes for sushi rice, and are equally at home in the preparation of other ethnic foods such as risotto, paella, biriyani, pilaf and more!

Produced in Japan