RICE& believes everyone deserves to enjoy rice. We want to deliver this cornerstone of Japanese culture to American dining tables. Our high-quality, delicious rice results from 88, the process by which we grow rice in Japan.Good rice starts with good farmers, of course. We want to share the story of the farmers who personally tend and manage their farms, striving to grow the best rice possible. It’s important to us that the rice you’re buying comes directly from farmers. RICE&. buys the rice we sell from the farmers themselves, allowing them to convey their hard work. Thousands of years of rice cultivation have brought RICE&’s premium rice directly to you.Our logo’s design also takes its cue from 88. In Japanese folklore, farmers created the symbol for rice (米) by stacking two kanji for eight (八) on top of the kanji for ten (十).We’re committed to the history and art of rice cultivation. It’s our mission to help everyone understand how wonderful rice is. Whether it’s through the easy-to-understand information on our blog or the profiles of our farmers, we hope that you’ll start understanding the power of rice.


We don’t dropship from Japan or other countries like many sellers on Amazon and other websites.  It matters to us that our products get to you in a convenient and trustworthy way.

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