Farmer Takumi Kasai's SEITEN NO HEKIREKI 300g

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Rice&'s Seiten no Hekireki is harvested in Aomori Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Honshu by farmer Takumi Kasai. This rice is sweet and rich, characterized by its elegant flavor and aroma along with a delicious taste, making it the ideal pairing for any side dish or rice topping.

Seiten no Hekireki is a solid rice with slightly larger than average grains. It has moderate luster and soft whiteness. Even if kept warm for a while after being cooked, it has moderate harness that doesn't collapse. The taste is delicious and not too heavy with a good balance of stickiness and sharpness. It also has an elegant sweetness.


The name Seiten no Heikireki comes from the kanji for blue, taken from the name of the prefecture Aomori, combined with the kanji for "heaven" or "sky." Heikireki means thunderclap or lightning, a reference to how the rice suddenly appeared in the clear skies of Aomori. That's the story of Aomori's new rice variety, Seiten no Heikireki.

Aomori rice grows up delicious from the pure water flowing from the rich forests of the Shirakami Mountains, a World Heritage site, and Mt. Hakkoda. The rich land of Aomori Prefecture, which extends to the northernost part of Honshu island, is perfect for growing rice.


Additionally, the long hours of sunshine from May to October coincide with the growing period for rice. This means Aomori rice benefits from the longest daylight period in the Tohoku region, absorbing the blessings of the sun and growing nutritiously. Summertime in Aomori is also cooler than other regions with fewer pests, so pesticide use is naturally lower.

Nurtured by the blessings of nature and the boundless love of the farmers, Aomori rice is a work of art produced by the northern land of Japan.