Nishiki Premium Rice (5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs)

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Nishiki Premium Rice is a medium grain variety that's ideal for use in all your favorite recipes. Suitable for a wide range of applications from sushi to paella, our premium rice is easily cooked either on stovetop or in your rice cooker.

Each grain is sorted and carefully selected to ensure maximum quality, making every dish made with Nishiki Premium Rice the star of the show. Our "musenmai" variety is pre-washed, meaning there's no need to rinse the rice before cooking.

What kind of rice is Nishiki?

Nishiki is a brand of California-grown, medium grain rice sold by JFC International. The species of Nishiki Brand Rice is known as New Variety, which includes Kokuho Rose and M401. New Variety is a medium-grain rice, very similar to Calrose rice (M201 and M202).

Is Nishiki rice glutinous rice?

Grown in California (with the help of the US state's rich soil and crystal clear water), Nishiki is a premium, medium grain variety of Japonica rice that becomes fluffy and slightly sticky when cooked.