Kinmemai Golden Low Cut Brown Rice 2.2lbs

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JAPANESE-CRAFTED TASTE AND NUTRITION - Imported from Japan, KINMEMAI Brown Rice is the world’s first health-inspired Japanese-made, rinse-free gourmet rice. It brings more to the table than just the chestnut hue and nutritional values of brown rice.

EXCELLENT NUTRITIONAL PROFILE - Manufactured through the patented KINMEMAI process, our brown rice policing process removes just the indigestible wax layer of the rice grain. By retaining more of the rice grain, including the bran and germ, it’s significantly more nutritious than conventional white rice.

NOT A FAN OF THE TOUGH, CHEWY TEXTURE OF BROWN RICE? - Thanks to a patented de-waxing process, KINMEMAI Brwon Rice absorbs more water during cooking, resulting in a lighter, smooth texture unseen in conventional brown rice.

EASY TO DIGEST - the rice grains’ tough outer wax layer has been gently removed, making it easier on your digestive system, avoiding gas, bloating and cramping, which is typical of brown rice.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. NO RINSING REQUIRED - KINMEMAI is cleanly buffed, without a need for the time-consuming hassle of rinsing and dramatically reduces water wastage.

Produced in Japan