[Organic] Milky Queen 4.4lbs

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USDA Organic Rice

Milky Queen is sticky with a decadently chewy texture that keeps it moist even when cooled. This makes it suitable for keeping in the fridge, making bento, and onigiri. Softer and more sticky than Koshihikari, Milky Queen is often said to be the superior premium rice.

Milky Queen variety rice has a lower amylose content than koshihikari rice. On the cooking side, you need less water than for cooking other rice. Ideally, we recommend one scoop of rice for one scoop of water.

When cooked, the rice is sparkling in appearance and has the particularity of not hardening quickly when cold.

You will be able to appreciate its sweet scent that resembles that of sticky rice, its shine and whiteness as well as its sticky side.
True rice connoisseurs say that it is superior in taste to Koshihikari rice.
It is exceptional for rice balls, onigiri, sushi, breakfast rice.
Some people mix it with Koshihikari rice for more flavor.
Rice grown without pesticides.

Produced in Japan