Enjoy a hibachi grill with the best Japanese charcoal : Kurosumi

Born in Japan, the hibachi grill is a compact way to produce top-notch barbeque. For many, the phrase "hibachi grill" instantly conjures up images of Benihana or similar eateries; in actuality, those flat iron plates used in Japanese restaurants are not hibachis but teppanyaki grills. Over time, though, both phrases have become synonymous.

True Japanese grills take on a unique look - round and box-like with heatproof linings intended to hold glowing charcoal.

You can use a hibachi grill to cook smaller portions of food, such as vegetables, seafood, and meat. You can create delicious recipes like red pepper and mushroom kebabs, fish filets, flank steak strips, or chicken yakitori over a charcoal flame for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Looking to tantalize your taste buds with smoky, succulent flavours? Then hibachi barbecue cooking is the way to go.

However, when utilizing a hibachi grill, there is an important detail to keep in mind: choosing the right charcoal.

While any variety of charcoal can be used for grilling, we suggest to use Japanese charcoal which Yakitori restaurants are familiar with due to its clean-burning capabilities and irresistible aroma that infuses your food while cooking.

Japanese charcoal is great and all, and there's nothing quite like getting your barbecue started with Kurosumi. Not only does it have a quick ignition time, but it also has a pleasant aroma that will fill the air as you cook. So, if you're looking for the perfect grilling experience, turn to Kurosumi and light up the night.

Getting a charcoal fire going with Kurosumi is very simple. All you have to do is stack the Kurosumi cylinders two-by-two and light it up. Once it’s arranged and lit up, the flame steadily advances through the chimney structure until it creates a powerful burning coal. In mere moments after ignition, an intense heat of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit is produced.

With these flames, you can effortlessly experience the delightful hibachi cuisine that Japan is known for. You won't believe how easily it will make you feel like you've been transported right into the heart of Japan!

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