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KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)
KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)
KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)
KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)
KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)
KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)
KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)
KUROSUMI Premium Japanese Charcoal for Grilling (3 LB)

The best charcoal with fast ignition, quickly reaching a high temperature and offering high calories! Chemical -free. Safe to use indoor or outside

Kurosumi, a black charcoal cylinder of 2.3 inches in length, can be arranged into multiple layers around a hollow center like that of a chimney and topped off with ignition materials for easily surging flames! All you have to do is stack the Kurosumi cylinders two-by-two and light it up—it’s as easy as that!

In comparison to Binchotan, getting a charcoal fire going with Kurosumi is much simpler. Once it’s arranged and lit up, the flame steadily advances through the chimney structure until it creates a powerful burning coal. If you’re using a burner, then within minutes you can get started cooking; however if an electronic lighter is used for ignition, expect about 15 minutes of wait beforehand.

In mere moments after ignition, an intense heat of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit is produced. Thick meats, fish, and vegetables are then cooked perfectly every time - leaving them with a crunchy exterior yet juicy interior.

With its superior ignitability, Kurosumi charcoal is the worthy representative of Japan.

Kurosumi ignites more quickly than Binchotan or Ogatan, eliminating the hassle and wait for starting a fire.

Very little smoke and almost none of the distinctive charcoal smell

Almost zero smoke or odor, letting your cooking bring out the natural flavors of the food.

Powerful heat, resistant to dying out, and superior durability

The high heat and far-infrared effect brings food to life and produces an excellent meal that you can count on.

Safe to use indoors, in restaurant kitchens, for camping and for barbecuing
Less of the "sudden popping" effect common to most Binchotan gives it exceptional usability compared to other products.



It ignites faster than Bincho charcoal or Oga charcoal, eliminating the hassle and waiting time for starting a fire.


High heating power and far infrared rays effect, and the ingredients are baked well.


The charcoal is easy to handle because there is little so-called "explosion" where the charcoal bursts suddenly.

Since there is almost no smoke or odor, it does not interfere with cooking or spoil the original aroma of the ingredients.

KUROSUMI Japanese Charcoal Prime Minister Award winning

Dedication to our roots is the reason our charcoal artisans win top prizes in Japan, such as KUROSUMI receiving the first Prime Minister’s Award to recognize achievements in charcoal technology in 2018.One of our charcoal craftsmen has also won the highest award for charcoal in Japan. They’re a veritable charcoal expert who mentors apprentices and judges competitions.


Iwate Prefecture has produced charcoal for over a thousand years.Founded in 1916, Yachiringyo Co., Ltd. is now the largest charcoal producer in Iwate Prefecture and we still use traditional manufacturing methods to produce high-quality charcoals.

"Iwate Nature and waterfalls" © Soya_F (Licensed under CC BY 4.0)

In Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture, one of Japan's leading charcoal production areas, we consistently handle everything from growing raw wood to logging and charcoal production. The oak tree has a particularly excellent regenerative ability, and if it is cut down in a certain cycle, it will sprout new shoots and will be reborn as a healthy forest in 20 to 25 years. Producing charcoal in Iwate and having people use it helps nurture and protect Iwate's forests.


Raw wood processing

The wood (mainly oak) that has been cut out by the forest maintenance division is sized to fit into the charcoal kiln. Cutting and splitting are performed to make everything a uniform size.


The processed raw wood is put into the charcoal kiln one by one. It is a work that requires experience because it is tightly packed without any gaps, and the amount of work is about 10 tons at one time.

Carbonization work

Firewood is burned at the mouth of the kiln for a while, and the inside of the kiln is steam-dried. It is slowly carbonized in the kiln for about two weeks.

Coal extraction, packing

After the kiln is completely extinguished and the temperature drops, the kiln is opened and the charcoal is carefully removed. It is then cut to size and packed.