Introducing Kinmemai

The world’s first health-inspired Japanese-made, rinse-free gourmet rice

ENGINEERED FOR GOOD HEALTH - Imported from Japan, Kinmemai is a gourmet specialty rice unlike any other. Manufactured through the patented Kinmemai process, which enhances both the taste and nutrition of tender rice grains, it will please both the gourmands and the nutrition-minded alike.

TASTE-TESTED BY THE MOST DEMANDING TASTE BUDS - Kinmemai white rice has a slightly buttery, mildly nutty taste and a moist, creamy texture that is superior to that of conventional white rice. 

Not a fan of the tough, chewy texture of brown rice? Thanks to a patented dewaxing process, Kinmemai brown rice absorbs more water during cooking, resulting in a lighter, fluer texture unseen in conventional brown rice.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. NO RINSING REQUIRED - Kinmemai rices are cleanly buffed, without a need for the time-consuming hassle of rinsing and dramatically reduces water wastage.

EXCELLENT NUTRITIONAL PROFILE - A gentle, precise buffing process also means that Kinmemai brown rice retains some of the rice grains’ most healthful components which are usually lost to traditional polishing. By retaining more of the rice grain, including the bran, it’s significantly more nutritious than conventional white rice.

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2 products