Salmon & Cheese Onigiri


2 1/2 C warm rice

1 T sushi vinegar

1/2 C salted salmon

1/4 C Camembert cheese

1 T sesame seeds

5-6 shiso leaves

1. Break up the salmon into pieces with a fork, making sure the pieces aren’t too big. Next, shred the shiso leaves and cut the cheese up, once again making sure to have small pieces.

2. Mix the rice with sushi vinegar, adding the sesame seeds and shredded shiso leaves. Add in the salmon and the cut up cheese, mixing them into the rice thoroughly.

3. Divide the rice mixture into 4 equal parts.

4. Take one fourth of the rice mix and carefully form it into a triangular shape. If necessary, move the larger pieces of salmon around to make sure the balance of ingredients is good.

5. Serve your onigiri wrapped in shiso leaves. You can also top with extra sesame seeds.

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