The Wonders of Kurosumi: A Comparative Look at Japanese Charcoal Types

This article is brought to you by YACHIRINGYO Co., Ltd., pioneers in the world of charcoal and your ultimate source for high-quality Kurosumi (Black Charcoal) in America.


When it comes to grilling, dehumidification, or even metalwork, the type of charcoal you choose can make all the difference. While many are familiar with Binchōtan, also known as white charcoal, Kurosumi—our premium black charcoal—is gaining traction for its distinct advantages. Today, we delve into the key differences between these two iconic Japanese charcoals and why Kurosumi is the go-to choice for various applications. 

Production Methodology: A Crucial Difference

  1. Binchōtan (White Charcoal): Created at temperatures around 1,000°C, resulting in a very hard and heavy charcoal.
  2. Kurosumi (Black Charcoal): Typically produced at 400–700°C. However, our high-grade Kurosumi is refined at equivalent temperatures to Binchōtan, ensuring a similarly high carbonization rate.

Extinguishing Method: A Testament to Craftsmanship

  • Binchōtan: Rapidly cooled using white extinguishing powder.
  • Kurosumi: Sealed and allowed to cool down gradually in an oxygen-deprived environment.

The slow cooling process of Kurosumi gives it a slightly softer texture, making it easier to light up and manipulate for various needs.



The Features at a Glance




Ease of Ignition



Heat Intensity



Burn Time


Short but refillable


Highly Explosive



Hard and Heavy

Softer and Lighter


Why Choose Kurosumi: Practical Applications 

Barbecue (BBQ)

Kurosumi is cost-effective, easy to acquire, and less explosive. With a strong but manageable heat intensity, it's the perfect charcoal for both small family BBQs and large gatherings.

Dehumidification & Odor Removal

Kurosumi also serves as an excellent natural dehumidifier and odor remover, particularly effective against alkaline smells. 

Hearth Cooking

When it comes to strong, far-reaching heat, Kurosumi is ideal for searing seafood and other items quickly and deliciously.

Metalwork & Forging

Our high-grade Kurosumi can reach temperatures over 1,000°C, making it suitable for specialized applications like metalwork and pottery. 

The Kurosumi Advantage

As we venture into the American market, YACHIRINGYO Co., Ltd. brings you a charcoal that is not just versatile but also high-performing. Kurosumi is an unsung hero that simplifies your activities while maximizing results. Whether you're grilling the perfect steak, dehumidifying your living spaces, or undertaking complex metalworks, make the switch to Kurosumi today and experience the difference.

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