Taste the Tradition with Rice&

For many people, rice is more than a component to a meal.  In fact, in certain areas of the world these tiny grains are synonymous with history, culture, and spirituality. Because of the meaningfulness of rice, it is important that consumers don’t purchase a brand at random.  Rice& offers a product that gives this staple food the respect it deserves. By shipping directly from the farmer, we provide the freshest, safest, and most ethical rice possible.

The importance of knowing what goes into your body cannot be overstated.  Our rice comes directly from farmers in Japan with whom we have established relationships based on the care they put into their crops and their safe farming methods.  Most rice purchased in the US contains a blend of two to three types of rice from various sources with numerous middlemen between farmer and consumer. This makes it much more difficult to determine where the rice was farmed and what safety measures were employed.  Rice&’s relationship with their farmers guarantees a level of safety that other brands cannot achieve so that you can feel confident about what you’re putting into your body.

Eliminating the middlemen and buying direct from the farmer not only ensures a safer, more reliable product but a fresher one, too.  By shipping directly from Japan to consumers we minimize the time between harvest and consumption. This results in a chewier, fluffier and more fragrant rice. The taste of truly fresh authentic Japanese rice is incomparably delicious.

Not only is Rice&’s process optimal for the consumer,  it benefits the farmer as well. We believe it is important that the people who work so hard to ensure a quality, safe product reap the maximum benefits. By cutting out middlemen, our farmers receive the profit that they deserve.

Rice has been cultivated across Japan for thousands of years benefitting the country’s society, culture, and economy.  It is undoubtedly the nation’s most important crop. With Rice&’s products, you can enjoy the unique flavors and traditions of authentic Japanese cuisine at your own table.

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