Introducing Kurosumi : Authentic and Traditional Japanese Charcoal

Experience the timelessness of Japan with Kurosumi, the best Japanese Charcoal! Kurosumi provides a unique flavor profile unlike any other - enjoy its flame in your next meal.

For more than a millennium, Iwate Prefecture has been renowned for its superior charcoal production. Yachiringyo Co., Ltd - established in 1916 - is currently the prefectural pinnacle of carbon creation and continues to employ time-honored techniques to yield Kurosumi; an exemplary form of charcoaling produced with traditional methods.

With its superior smokeless burn and extended burning time, Kurosumi Japanese Charcoal stands out as the ultimate choice for grilling.

Its natural ingredients, chemical-free production process, and unique properties create a distinct flavor that offers an unparalleled experience in outdoor cooking. There are numerous reasons why Kurosume is considered to be the best charcoal on the market today!

1.  Fast Ignition : Kurosumi ignites more quickly than Binchotan or Ogatan, eliminating the hassle and waiting for starting a fire. With its superior ignitability, Kurosumi charcoal is a worthy representative of Japan.

2. Smokeless / Scentless : By emitting little smoke and no charcoal smell, Kurosumi allows your cooking to bring out the distinct flavors of the food naturally.

3. 100% natural hardwood – With the Kurosumi charcoal, you can be sure that each piece is made from only the purest and highest quality of hardwoods - Absolutely no chemical additives or other ingredients like lighter fluid have been included.

4. Burns longer : With an intense heat that won't burn out, incredible durability and supreme resistance to weathering, Kurosumi guarantees a delicious meal every single time - making it the perfect choice for all your culinary needs!

5. No popping : Kurosumi is east to handle because there is little so-called "explosion" where the charcoal bursts suddenly. 

This means that you can safely cook indoors, in restaurant kitchens, camp out, or barbecue without the worry of overpowering odors ruining the original aroma of your ingredients.

The applications of Kurosumi are plentiful, allowing you to grill with it, filter water, improve the quality and flavor of your rice dishes, or even use as fertilizer.

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